Torn Between Two Masters:

Encouraging Teens to Live Authentically in a Celebrity-Obsessed World

What We Need To Know In this Pop Culture To Counteract the Devastating Influence of Celebrity Obsession

A proverb goes, “Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over—it became a butterfly.

This is a great tool for parents and mentors to be aware of how mass media is affecting the minds of youth, and to also serve as a handbook to stopping the “celebrity worship”. Celebrity worship seems to be all too prevalent in our culture today, with these men and women seemingly becoming idols in the lives of young people. We appreciate your conviction to do something to change this and look forward to seeing how your insights will impact readers. ~ American Association of Christian Counselors

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Author Of ‘Torn Between Two Masters’ Believes Father’s Advice Is Key To Reducing Unwanted Teenage Pregnancy And Risky Behavior

• Why is it that so many Christians are star-struck by celebrities?

• Why do so many adolescents want to be sports, music, runway, or Hollywood stars instead of teachers, nurses, pastors, or carpenters?

• Why is the gospel of celebrity so powerful in our lives and can we reduce its impact or is it too late?

This pop culture, via the media, has made it quite clear: celebrities matter—and we, both Christians and non-Christians are star-struck by them. I look at this phenomenon of celebrity worship like an onion—there are different layers of different explanations we need to peel off. Peeling off the first layer reveals some surface reasons. I peel the onion down to the core and expose the real reasons for celebrity fascination and worship, and then lay out a number of things we can do to diminish its negative force.

The underlying issues I address are:

1. Why the lure of celebrity is so powerful,
2. How to minimize celebrity obsession by increasing a teen’s self-worth,
3. The best ways to help teens navigate and be critical of the media,
4. How to identify and discourage negative and normalized behaviors such as eating disorders, plastic surgery and “hooking up,”
5. How Jesus Christ can transform a teen’s life into one of purpose, and
6. Many other eye-opening insights.

What I want you to take from Torn Between Two Masters:

  1. Do not underestimate the negative influence celebrities can have on an adolescent. As a child approaches the tween years, most parents will notice a greater interest in teen idols or celebrities than they used to have. Some interest in celebrities is normal, but it can go too far. It is a fact, an obsession with celebrities can result in loss of self-worth in children.
  2. Know the facts. Knowledge changes everything. Drawing on the Word of God, the latest research, ministerial experience, and interviews with teenagers, parents and leaders, Kimberly provides an eye-opening study that encourages the reader to take action.
  3. Children imitate their parents (or guardians). As a primary role model I want parents to look into the mirror of their own life and determine to what extent they are influenced by celebrities. Torn Between Two Masters is a book for them too.
  4. Get to know and develop a relationship with the only person worthy of obsession: Jesus Christ.

For as you know him [Jesus] better,
He will give you, through his great power,
everything you need for living a truly good life:
He even shares his own glory and his own goodness with us!
— 2 Peter 1:3 (TLB)

Target Audience: Primary: parents (or guardians), youth leaders, teen mentors; Secondary audience: 5th – 12th graders.

About the Author Kimberly Davidson:

Kimberly is a board certified biblical counselor personal life coach, speaker, and founder of Olive Branch Outreach—a ministry dedicated to bringing hope and restoration to those struggling with eating disorders and negative body. Kimberly holds a Masters degree from Western Seminary and Bachelors from the University of Iowa. She volunteers in student ministries and youth education outreach. She is the author of: I’m Beautiful? Why Can’t I See It?, I’m God’s Girl? Why Can’t I Feel It?, Breaking the Cover Girl Mask, and Torn Between Two Masters.
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Star-struck Teens
To Live Authentically and Extraordinarily

Part One: The Gospel of Celebrity: Voices of Influence
The Age of Celebrity and Pop Culture
The Most Vulnerable Audience
Voices of Influence
America’s Next Top Model?
The Many Causes of Eating Disorders
Mirroring Celebrity Casual Sex

Part Two: Celebrities: Why They Have Such Power
Why Are We (Christians) Living Like Rest of the World?
Uncovering Blind Spots
Which Master Meets Your Deepest Needs?
Where Have All the Grownups Gone?

Part Three: Obsessed with the Master: Experiencing Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ Super Star
Obsessed with Jesus
The Mission
Freedom from the Beast

Part Four: Born an Original: Living Authentically
No One Can Serve Two Masters
Maximum Self-Worth
Designed to Make a Difference

Endorsements ~

"Torn Between Two Masters has changed my life, and I pray it will reach all corners of the world. I feel beautiful as I am from the inside, as I was created, and I feel God working on me every day. Thank you, Kimberly for sharing your life and God's message with us."  --Jody Robel, Youth Leader, Bethany Church (Rice Cake, WI)

Jody is planning to use the book as a resource to begin a young women's (ages 15-17) group at her church.

Torn Between Two Masters is so interesting and relevant to what is going on in our culture today. Everyone needs to read it because it is a huge problem for my generation.” —Hannah Schwartz, college student (Clackamas, OR)

“As a mom, I cringe at how obsessed our youth (and adults) is with Hollywood and sports celebrities. Torn Between Two Masters provides great insights. It is well-written and thought provoking. I learned I had much more influence than I thought I had and was inspired to change my own behavior.” —Geraldine Montgomery, mother of four (Portland, OR)

"Torn Between Two Masters solidified our grand parenting role: to always have our door and arms opened wide to our grandkids especially in time of doubt and fear;  to share our experiences of growing up - though they are generational the problems were just as immense;  and, to openly share our faith to them through words and actions." --Roy and Jan Flaherty (Oregon City, OR)

This is a much needed book on how to help teenage girls to survive the many changes that are occurring simultaneously during adolescence. -- Betty Guthrie, grandmother of two teenage girls (Barrington, IL)


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