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Inspire, Educate, and Encourage a Transformed Life in Jesus Christ


Kimberly's greatest desire is to give broken women the tools needed to grow into Jesus Christ's likeness so they may live with joy, passion, and purpose. Kimberly specializes in sensitive speaking to the brokenhearted—to emotionally hurt and sexually abused women. She shares her years of experience and knowledge of Scripture with the walking wounded. Every woman will receive help from her counsel.

To look at Kimberly Davidson and her accomplishments one might think she's had it all together her entire life, but her story tells otherwise. For decades worthless, fat, ugly, insecure, and unloved was what Kimberly saw in her mirror. With transparency, she talks about how her search for attention and self-acceptance nearly destroyed her life. Through humility and vulnerability, Kimberly brings her audience a message that is encouraging, humorous, culturally relevant. All her teachings are biblically inspired.

Kimberly speaks at church conference; she offers a dynamic workshop. Invite her to speak at your women's event and find out how God can deliver true freedom, healing and joy.

In addition, as the Director of Education for Freedom Calling, Kimberly speaks regularly on the topic of sex trafficking, and the impact is has today on our youth, families, and communities.

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Each month I do a short YouTube message for the Eyes Wide Open ministry. Check them out.

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