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Church of the Nazarene, Molalla, Oregon kimberly speaker

Your message was very inspiring. I loved it-- the delivery, Scripture, relevancy, illustrations, and humorous stories. You have such a gift for illuminating and making the Gospel relevant today. ~ Ann Jetton, Director of Women’s Ministries & Senior Pastor’s wife, Former V.P. of Communications, Redken Corporation

New Harvest Church, Salem, Oregon

Kimberly presented a message that reflected the theme of our Christmas brunch and incorporated the truth of the gospel in a way that the women of all ages in our audience could identify with. She is an attractive person, comfortable with herself and others, who spoke with sincerity, practicality, warmth and humor. I was very pleased and rated her outstanding and would have happily listened longer. ~ Lorraine Kauffman, Director, Women's Ministries

University Park Church, North Portland, Oregon

Kimberly was authentic, genuine and sincere in her message.  She has the ability to touch you where you are at, no matter your circumstance. Her ability to speak from the heart captures and holds your attention.  I look forward to having Kimberly speak again, at our Women’s Retreat, or our new Ladies’ Luncheons. -- Diane Neimeyer, Interim Women’s Ministry Director

Corvallis First Baptist Church, Corvallis, Oregon

Thank you so much Kimberly! We are so glad you came. Many ladies remarked the four sessions were just what we needed. They expressed that you were down to earth and genuine; gave real life examples and used a lot of Scriptures; the material was applicable; and yet you were encouraging on a challenging topic. And the handouts were a big success. -- Ida Wilson, Retreat Coordinator

Greater Portland Bible Church, Northwest Portland, Oregon

All three sessions were excellent, motivating and added value. The speaker was authentic, credible and able to hold the audience's attention. Everyone was blown away by the forgiveness talk. It was not overly spiritual but practical. Comments were, never heard it as balanced, love that you showed what forgiveness is not, because we don’t hear that from other speakers. -- Crystal Livingston, Women's Retreat Coordinator

The definitions of forgiveness and reminders and new info about how it affects my life is inspiring me to re-examine my life and what may be blocking my relationship with God and others.

Hinson Church, Portland, Oregon

Thank you for your very real and down to earth talk on a serious subject (Beyond the Mirror). You really shed some much needed light on a topic that affects girls and women worldwide. Your use of Scripture and humor made it much easier to digest! -- MOPs Steering Committee

Silverton Nazarene Church, Silverton, Oregon

Thank you so much for sharing your amazing message and ministry with our women! I have had fabulous feedback. They loved you! Your church is very blessed to have such a passionate and gifted women's pastor.-- Paula MacBean, Dir. of Women's Ministries

Abuse Recovery Ministry Services (A.R.M.S.), Portland, Oregon

Kimberly, I thought you were engaging. The humor was fun as well as the quotes and powerpoint presentation. The women enjoyed it. It was great having you. -- Stacey Womack, Executive Director, A.R.M.S.

First Baptist Church of Portland, Oregon

Thank you for sharing your story and this important message--very authentic and timely. We really enjoyed it.

Pastoral ~ Kimberly is full of energy and optimism about what God can do in a person's life. She has the ability to take common life experiences and apply them to biblical truths both in her speaking and writing. Her ministry and experience has equipped her for speaking to a variety of groups. Women of all ages will especially be touched by her testimony and message of hope. She has years of speaking experience with effective response from all who hear her...

Scott E. Delbridge, Pastor, 2002-2007
Molalla Nazarene Church, Molalla, OR

Portland Central Nazarene, Portland, Oregon

Thank you for the 4-R's. We've got them written down and will use them immediately. A very good message. We all needed it. This talk was such a good reminder to us just how stressful the holidays are, and that we do have any enemy that wants to ruin it. Thank you for your heart to speak on this subject.

New Hope Community Church ~ Clackamas, Oregon

Excellent. You had a good balance between humor and the strong Scriptural basis of your presentation. Your presneation was motivating, and we wanted more. The powerpoint was a good added feature. -- Carolyn Mata, Pastor to Women

Audience Endorsements ~

  • I loved the way you used humor and scripture and quotes. It was very powerful.
  • Such an inspirational, and much needed talk.
  • Excellent! We need to have you back.

Salem First Baptist Church : Mom To Mom - Salem, Oregon

You touched the hearts of so many of our women with a topic that is relevant to their lives. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! -- Rhonda Guisinger

First Baptist Church of Pollock Pines ~ Pollock Pines, California

    Audience Endorsements ~
  • Thank you for sharing yourself and your heart. God truly replaces beauty for ashes. Your presentations are salt and light in a bland, dark world.
  • Not only are your talks enlightening (I'm learning so much), but encouraging, funny, and thank you for being so real! -- J.E.
  • Thank you for bringing the truth to us. Your honesty about your life, your love for the Lord and your insight into God's Word has blessed me so.-- J.P.
  • You were such a blessing to me at the retreat. Your testimony was touching and very well presented (loved your great sense of humor too). -- S.M.

Women's Christian Fellowship Conference - Newport, Oregon

Wow! What an awesome speaker you are! You touched so many with your words and sharing your heart and soul. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for opening yourself to share what God has given you. -- Annie Greene, WCFC Director, 2009

Foothills Community Church - Molalla, Oregon

Excellent, motivating and added value. Kim stayed on topic, and had a good mix of teaching, stories, verses with her personal testimony. -- Lisa Satrum, Director Ladies Event Team

    Audience Endorsements ~
  • Thank you! Your message was perfect for this group of women, and it helped my daughter and I a lot.
  • I wish you sold session tapes for "Eight Steps to God's Extreme Makeover"--I want to hear it again!

Tigard Community Church - Tigard, Oregon

Thank you so much. Your message was needed by many who attended. You are truly a gifted speaker. -- Liz Miller, Director of Women's Ministry

    Audience Endorsements ~
  • You have given me the tools to FIGHT in such a simple way, by PRAYING to the Father who loves me so much.
  • I again want to thank you for the honesty of your sharing. You touched my heart.

Portland Council of Christian Women - Portland, Oregon

    Audience Endorsements ~

  • You presented the Gospel message so well--a beautiful presentation!
  • What a wonderful message, and presented so well.
Springwater Nazarene Church - Gresham, Oregon

Very good. Great material that added much value. We're so glad you are talking about these subjects--they are so relevant today. -- Charlotte Davis, Women's Ministries Director

Polk County Women's Connection - Dallas, Oregon

    Audience Endorsements ~

  • You presented your message so well--weaving in your story and the Gospel beautifully!
  • So very, very good!
Oregon District Assemblies of God, Women's RefresHer Conference 2005

Kim touched the hearts of the women. Her presentation was humorous and life changing. She reminds us of the fact we are a daughter of the King, and our hope is in Jesus. -- Judy Alexander, Staff Hostess

    Audience Endorsements ~

  • I'm really glad I attended your workshop. This information is so important in today's culture.
  • Thank you for sharing your story and making me feel good about myself. If you can change, then I can change.
  • Outstanding . . . So inspirational and motivating. . . Authentic . . . Loved the humor too.

Willamette Christian Church - West Linn, Oregon

  • We truly enjoyed your talk. Your story is very dramatic, and your struggles very serious, but it's easy to relate it to any life. We all wear masks and try to hide our imperfections. You really gave me a lot of things to think about.
  • We sincerely enjoyed your message and your humor. It's wonderful to see how God uses us, cracks in our clay jars and all.

Coeur d'Alene Christian Women's Club - Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

During her talk she was sincere, entertaining, and articulate. You could have heard a pin drop in a room of over 140 women. Her story came straight from her heart... She is definitely one of the best!-- Cherry Jones, Chairman

    Audience Endorsements ~

  • Excellent speaker - one of the best!
  • Outstanding! Great topic and very inspirational delivery. Thank you!

Maple Ridge Christian Women's Club - Pitt Meadows, British Columbia, Canada

  • All the women here can relate to your message, and of battling low self-esteem at some time or other. God and Christ are truly amazing!
  • I thoroughly enjoyed your talk! You had everyone's attention. We could all relate to the explanation of a reconciliation with God.
  • Fabulous speaker (real passion).

... You make it so clear that the change in your life came as a direct result of your acceptance of Jesus Christ. Thank you for explaining what "FAT" really means, so inspirational. -- Joy Carter, Chairman

    Audience Endorsements ~

  • Very real speaker - solid, direct and practical.
  • I could relate to a lot of what the speaker talked about.
  • Wonderful program. Terrific speaker.

Seattle Northshore Club - Kirkland, Washington

  • Speaker was fascinating and she had everyone's attention
  • Kim, You shine with His beauty!
  • Speaker's life is one that we can all relate to. Very inspirational.

Clackamas After 5 - Gladstone, Oregon

  • Excellent. Very powerful. Thank you Kim for your honesty. I know you touched many hearts.
  • Fantastic message. Kim certainly overcame by trusting in the Lord.

I loved the structure and content. Your sense of humor is wonderful and well placed. Excellent. -- Merilee Kautz, Chairman

Tri-Cities CWC - Port Coquitlam, British Columbia

  • Speaker's story is the power of the Gospel at work!
  • Excellent speaker and great message. Very touching and beautiful.

Spokane After 5 - Spokane, Washington

  • Kim, you're a natural! Your message is "right-on".
  • Very good speaker - very inspirational.

Spokane Christian Women's Club - Spokane, Washington

...Her talk was very uplifting and inspiring, and she was very honest and believable ... We were quite impressed with what Kim had to say. I would recommend Kim to any group. -- Elise Widman, Administrative Assistant

    Audience Endorsements ~

  • What an uplifting talk!
  • So good! Awesome!
  • Great speaker - very honest and believable.

Newberg Prime Time - Newberg, Oregon

  • Great speaker and topic -- Very inspirational.
  • I predict God will use you in wonderful ways as you share His message of love so well.

Valley West Christian Women's Club - Spokane, Washington

  • Great speaker - so real and from the heart.
  • Loved it! What a great story.
  • Kim, you are so inspirational.

Delta Christian Women's Club - Tsawwassen, British Columbia, Canada

We enjoyed your realistic and honest talk. God truly can help and heal. Thank you for the message. -- Erika O'Dowd, Chairman

    Audience Endorsements ~

  • Great speaker - she had an excellent gospel message.
  • Dynamic speaker - so inspirational.

Clatskanie Christian Women's Club, Oregon

Kim addressed issues well without undue emphasis. She connected very well with the audience and was very animated. We would recommend her to other groups. -- Viki Davis, Prayer Coordinator and Terry Richardson, Chairman

North Shore CWC, West Vancouver, BC

  • Kim shares an amazing story of God's transforming power.
  • I loved Kim's transparency and honesty.

Silverton-Mount Angel Women's Connection, Mount Angel, Oregon

Kim extended the invitation to accept Jesus three times, making it very clear to those who don't know the Lord. Excellent and motivating presentation. -- Nancy Pinzino, Chairman

Stonecroft Speaker Consultant, Oregon
"Kim, You've certainly been easy to work with and that's WONDERFUL!"






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