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Sometimes we must risk undoing who we’ve become in order to create the life we desire and God desires. -- Kimberly Davidson

  • What is Pastoral Counseling?Through biblical guidance, a pastoral counselor provides encouragement and insight during times of crisis and change ; helps resolve challenges; and guides in finding truth and freedom in Christ.

  • I have a Masters degree in Pastoral Care to Women from Western Seminary, and am a Board Certified Biblical Counselor through the American Association of Christian Counselors. I consider myself well trained to address many situations and life challenges. Yet, there are some counseling situations that are beyond my training. When this is the case, professional counseling will be recommended. I specialize in abuse and disordered eating recovery, and non-death related loss issues.
  • I am also a "coach," helping women not only identify their issues, but develop a new way to process daily problems and live as Christ designed.

  • I call this work Logos-therapy (my own term; not to be confused with “Logotherapy” which focuses on the meaning of human existence). The gospel of John defines Jesus as the Logos—the very agent God used to create all things (John 1:1-2). Logos is translated “the word of God.” Logos-therapy is an integration of Scripture, counseling, and education (psycho-biblio-education). When we go “by the Book” (the Bible) we can find wisdom and peace, even joy—supernatural power.

  • I generally give homework in the form of book reading and journaling because there is power in it: it strengthens your commitment to take responsibility for your own growth and enables you to develop dependency on God. It also enables you to experience spiritual growth on a daily basis.

    I don’t know your background or understanding of the Bible. You may feel resistant because perhaps Scripture has been used against you in the past, made you feel judged or guilty. That wasn’t God. It was the enemy. Just as a healthy, loving parent is concerned and consumed by every aspect of their child’s wellbeing, so, too, is God’s interest in us. So much so that He chose to speak to us through the Holy Bible.
            The advantage of exposing ourselves to Scripture is we can declare truth over our difficult situations, and it helps us identify problematic thoughts and beliefs. We’re empowered to see more clearly and from God’s perfect perspective. It’s like putting on corrective lenses.
            The words in the Bible have way more authority than what I say or write. I encourage you to go directly to the Word of God to discover what God has to say to you personally. Treat the text as reliable and the authors as competent and messengers of God.

Healing is a journey, not an endpoint.

Counseling Appointment and Fees

Person-to-person counseling for issues of abuse and disordered eating is available if you live in the Portland or Salem area of Oregon. A typical session lasts for 50-60 minutes. I schedule appointments from 9 AM to 4 PM -- Monday through Friday. We will define a practical meeting schedule. You are required to make a commitment. Repeated cancellations will result in termination of counseling.You are free to leave at any time.

If you do not live in the Portland/Salem, Oregon area, and are need of help with food, body-image and self-esteem issues, I have partnered with Living in Truth's "Eyes Wide Open" program. My book (I'm Beautiful? Why Can't I See It?) is the foundation of the program. Eyes Wide Open is a 10-week healing program. Through community based support, women learn they are not alone in their battle to overcome, and it is possible to live in freedom. Eyes Wide Open gets to the root issues, addressing topics such as: perfectionism, pain, control, anger, fear, unforgiveness and more. To learn more about this program and the cost, CLICK HERE.

Pastoral Counseling is not recognized by major insurance plans. I charge the going-rate fee: $75.00/ 60-minute session. The first session--30 minutes--is free. You may pre-pay for the session through this website (PayPal).

If you are interested in phone counseling with Kimberly? Send an e-mail to: email tagType in subject line: Counseling Inquiry.

Pre-Pay $75 session fee through PayPal:


I welcome the opportunity to minister to you in the name of Jesus Christ and to be used by Him as He helps you to heal and grow in spiritual maturity, and prepares you for usefulness in His kingdom.  








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