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grief recoveryA Time to Grieve
A Biblical Response to Nagivating Grief and Mourning
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Are you ready to start healing after the loss of a loved one?  When you lose a loved one, you're going to feel that loss, hard. Feelings of loss are arguably the most unique, confusing feelings with which to cope. Good news: You can exchange your pain for God’s peace. And you don’t have to go it alone. If you suppress the pain, it will likely manifest in unhealthy ways. “A Time to Grieve” provides helpful and practical information to help you recover from the pain of grief and loss and move toward rebuilding your life. You will receive counseling tools, support, connection, refuge, and hope. 


love always hopesBreak the “Crazy” Cycle in the War Room
Stop Doing What You Don’t Want to Do                           
Author's Price: $10.00+ $5.00 shipping & handling = Total: $15.00

Do you repeatedly find yourself doing something you didn’t want to do?  Most of us struggle with one form or another of stress, control, pride, anger, love of money, fear, perfection, approval, addiction, or disordered eating. We say, “I’ve given my life to Christ, repented, and surrendered. I read the Bible regularly, pray, and try to change and obey, but I still do what I don’t want to do!” We feel like we’re on a “crazy” merry-go-round. There is hope! Jesus delights in mending shattered “crazy” souls. This study will cause you to seek Jesus, the Great Counselor, who will gently lead you through a supernatural inner healing process. Come into the presence of the One who will love you as you’ve never been loved; the One who can transform your heart and mind beyond any changes you can make on your own.

love always hopesLove Always Hopes
Be a Force for Life and Light in a Chaotic World
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We are living in an upside-down and crazy world. Like never before, we are all on edge, wondering if we’ll ever feel normal again. Yet, the good news is faith and belief in the triune God is spelled HOPE—and has a protective effect. This one word can turn your life into a passionate and exciting ride. Hope matters—and it changes lives.Hopeful people do better in life.

break Barriers to Healing Pain  & Sickness

Not One Word Failed
Break the Barriers to Healing Pain and Sickness
Author's Price: $15.00+ $5.00 shipping & handling = Total: $20.00

Have you been living with a chronic illness? An unexpected diagnosis? A debilitating injury? An addition? Agonizing pain? Are you a caregiver? Ever feel like your identity is your diagnosis? This 9-week study is for you. No matter what injury or condition we have, inner emotion is always part of the issue—but it’s rarely considered as part of the treatment plan.  In this two-part study, Kimberly covers solid biblical principles as well as the psychological aspects of our emotions, showing readers how they can actually be constructive tools used by God to heal physiologically. Day-by-day the reader is coached to dig down deep and express herself through emotional and imaginative prayer.


Woman: In His Image

Live Shamelessly
Delete the Lie That You Are Less Than
Author's Price: $15.00+ $5.00 shipping & handling = Total: $20.00

It’s time to talk about shame and transform toxic thoughts, beliefs and emotional reactions. Shame-based messages need to be addressed and changed so we can get our lives back on track to what God purposed. Live Shamelessly addresses and offers specific actions needed. The biblically-based time-proven exercises will help you cut through decades of negative shame-based thinking and beliefs so you can heal your mind and body, and re-story your life.


Woman: In His Image

Woman: Made in His Image
66 Books of the Bible--66 Female Faces of God
Author's Price: $15.00+ $5.00 shipping & handling = Total: $20.00

Woman: In His Image gives much-needed attention to a class of exceedingly magnificent females, from those with major roles in God's plan of salvation to those who are never named. Kimberly will walk you through each chapter of the Bible, creatively bringing attention to a particular woman, or group of women, or related metaphor. Meet God’s sacred circles of women— mothers, queens, daughters, warriors, brides, slaves, prostitutes, prophetesses, the debilitated, murderers, widows, deacons and those who were brought back to lifereal women in real places facing real circumstances … and God displayed His image through them.

Woman: In His Image is an excellent resource for individual and group study.  You will be challenged and motivated by the diversity of female characters personifying the image of God, in addition to exploring female biblical symbolism. You will investigate a great number of vastly different profiles. Every one of them has a meaningful message and a practical application.


healing after lossNo One Sent a Sympathy Card
The Grief that Goes Unrecognized
Foothills Community Church class: Healing After Loss
Author's Price: $15.00+ $5.00 shipping & handling = Total: $20.00

Are you experiencing crushing sorrow, a heartbreaking blow or bitter disappointment? Have you felt confused as to why you continually feel down or sad or numb or angry? It may be because your soul is wrestling with “unresolved grief and loss.” Loss isn’t always about physical death. There is a profound connection between anxiety, post-traumatic stress, depression, anger, fear, guilt, shame and loss and grief.  This book offers readers specific actions needed to move beyond loss.


food and body addictionI'm Beautiful? Why Can't I See It? Second Edition
Love Yourself and Love Your Body in 12 Weeks [Book Video]
[ Author's Price: $15.00+ $5.00 shipping & handling = Total: $20.00

Kimberly, a recovered bulimic, found spiritual and physical restoration and brings a clear message of hope and recovery in I'm Beautiful? Why Can't I See It? Emotional eating is serious and God has specific processes for setting people free. Anybody suffering from unhealthy eating patterns (including eating disorders), negative body image, and low self-esteem needs unconditional love and acceptance, and the power of truth and forgiveness. This effective, proven, 12 week healing study can be used as a personal resource or in groups.

every body remembersEvery Body Remembers
Do "The Work" and Get Past Your Past
Author's Price: $15.00+ $5.00 shipping & handling = Total: $20.00

The past isn’t your past if it’s still infecting your present. Could you ever imagine there may be a biological connection between what happened when you were a kid and your body breaking down decades later? Our past can tick away inside us for years like a silent time bomb—until it lets us know our body hasn’t forgotten the past. Negative thoughts and emotions remain alive in our memory networks.Our emotional biography becomes our physical biology—yet, the Bible vows—and science confirms—our biology doesn’t have to be our destiny. When our brain’s information processing system is stuck, we need help to jump start it. We need to decide to—with our Creator—change our inner world and do “the Work.” We have a choice—either stay locked in the past or proactively take biblically and scientifically proven steps to transform ourselves.

Turn Your Mind and Brain Back On
Break Through Your Past to Ensure a Healthy Future
Author's Price: $15.00+ $5.00 shipping & handling = Total: $20.00

Brain research has found that our thoughts and beliefs affect our physical, mental, relational and spiritual health significantly. There is no freedom without a change of mind. In Turn Your Mind and Brain Back On, Kimberly tackles the spiritual roots of negative thinking and behavioral patterns. She combines the latest in brain physiology with the Word of God.  She teaches women how to “take every thought captive,” renew her mind and put on the mind of Christ. This study walks the reader through how her mind can be restored—turned back on—to the way God designed it to be.

PAPA PowerPapa Power
66-Days With Your Abba Father
Author's Price: $12.00+ $5.00 shipping & handling = Total: $17.00

More than anything else, your heavenly Papa delights in hearing from you—whether you’re thanking Him for His favor, or asking for direction and instruction, or crying out in pain or distress. He’s simply waiting for you to invite Him into your heart and life. PAPA Power is a fresh take on familiar Bible verses. These daily spiritual teachings awaken and inspire closeness to your Father right where you are. You can experience supernatural transformation by creating a strong foundation for change in 66 days.There are prayer prompts and generous writing space to encourage an intimate connection to your Abba Father.

PAPA PowerPapa Power2
Going Deeper With Your Abba Father66-Days
Author's Price: $12.00+ $5.00 shipping & handling = Total: $17.00



food and body addictionDancing in the Sonshine Second Edition
Restoration from the Wounds of Abuse (childhood abuse, sexual assault, domestic violence)
Author's Price: $15.00+ $5.00 shipping & handling = Total: $20.00

Childhood abuse, domestic violence, and sexual assault are everyday crisis’s that devastate the lives of countless women and girls. Each one needs help, hope, the courage to heal … and a Savior. Since its inception, countless women have completed Dancing in the Sonshine, permanently changing their lives and restoring their shattered selves. Drawing on the Word of God, contemporary research on trauma and the brain, ministerial experience, and interviews with survivors, pastoral counselor Kimberly Davidson provides an eye-opening and transformative study for victims, their families, ministry leaders, and anyone who feels compassion for the oppressed. Dancing in the Sonshineis a must-read for any woman suffering from the wounds of childhood abuse, sexual assault, and domestic abuse. Stand challenged to change your destiny!


Breaking the Cover Girl Mask
Toss Out Toxic Thoughts
Author's Price: $15.00 + $5.00 shipping & handling = Total: $20.00

Our attitudes are important to health and success in life. We cannot live the life God intended, a life of freedom and joy, without a change of mind. Drawing from personal and ministerial experience, Kimberly will lead you on a life-changing journey where you will learn how to confront and conquer harmful thought patterns and behavior. Toxic thoughts and emotions, which Kimberly calls mindholds, can be God's way of telling us we have some serious things to deal with; things that are holding us back. Because emotions and behaviors involve a complex interplay between the heart, the mind and the body, it benefits us to know how our mind is influenced and how our brain works. In this book you will be given proven techniques to optimize heart and mind, even brain function. By implementing R-E-S-I-S-T, you can experience true and powerful mind change, restoring the new mind and nature Christ died to give you!

Something Happened On My Way to Hell
Break Free From the Insatiable Pursuit of Pleasure
[YouTube book video] [Atlanta Live interveiw]
Author's Price: $15.00+ $5.00 shipping & handling = Total: $20.00

Think carefully: has a simple craving for love or money; or an everyday activity such as eating, exercising, texting, or work, transformed into a bad habit? Insatiable cravings. Toxic habits. Compulsions. Vices. Addictions. We’ve all got them! We all love something too much. And we all want more. More pleasure. More love. More chocolate. More acceptance. More money. The endless pursuit of pleasure is leaving us numb. What then do we do with our insatiable cravings for more? This book answers that question.

Torn Between Two Masters
Encouraging Teens to Live Authentically In a Celebrity-Obsessed World
Author's Price: $15.00+ $5.00 shipping & handling = Total: $20.00

This is a great tool for parents and mentors to be aware of how mass media is affecting the minds of youth, and to also serve as a handbook to stopping the “celebrity worship.” Celebrity worship seems to be all too prevalent in our culture today, with these men and women seemingly becoming idols in the lives of young people. We appreciate your conviction to do something to change this and look forward to seeing how your insights will impact readers. ~ American Association of Christian Counselors

Deadly Love
Confronting the Sex Trafficking of Our Children
Author's Price: $15.00+ $5.00 shipping & handling = Total: $20.00

Every day profit-hungry criminals sell innocent adolescents into slavery for sex—in the United States. Our world, particularly the online world, has transformed and spread human sex trafficking into our neighborhoods. Sex trafficking is the fastest growing crime in the world and is a growing epidemic in the U.S. today … and the next victim could be a loved one. Awareness and education are the strongest weapons we can fight these predators with. This Christ-based book will help you understand the world of sex trafficking, identify risk factors, and take practical steps to keep your families and friends safe from the criminals who stalk our neighborhoods.



I'm God's Girl? Why Can't I Feel It?
Daily Biblical Encouragement to Defeat Depression & the Blues
Author's Price: $15.00 + $5.00 shipping & handling = Total: $20.00

Drawing from personal and ministerial experience, join Kimberly on a life-changing biblical journey where you will find encouragement, wisdom, and practical help to defeat depression and the blues in this 365-day devotional.


The Perfect Counselor
Break Through Your Past to Ensure a Healthy Future
Author's Price: $15.00 + $5.00 shipping & handling = Total: $20.00

Millions of Christian women are trapped in pain, broken families, economic misery, depression, emotional disorders, fear, and addiction, all of which create harmful thoughts literally embedded in their minds. Each one needs hope, healing, and help from the Perfect Counselor. The greatest therapist who ever lived, Jesus Christ, permanently transforms individual pain and restores lives. For women desperate for encouragement, comfort, healing, and wisdom, pastoral counselor Kimberly Davidson, details the power of recognizing Jesus’s presence. Drawing on the Word of God, the science of changing the mind, and weaving real women's stories of emotional pain into every chapter, Kimberly effectively explores timely topics with Scripture and practical suggestions.

Empowering Youth to Establish Healhty Sexuality & Relationships
Author's Price: $15.00 + $5.00 shipping & handling = Total: $20.00

Adolescents today live in a more dangerous, sexualized, oppressive, and media-saturated world. The only effective restraint left for a teen against premarital sex and pornography is their beliefs and value systems. Empowering youth to establish healthy sexuality and relationships is what today’s parents and youth leaders have been called to. This is not another “abstinence” study guide. Yes, abstinence is the smart way to go, and this author discusses the benefits of waiting. All-important sensitive sexual topics also need to be addressed because of the state of our sexually dysfunctional culture. Using social and scientific research, and the Word of God, Foundations gives straightforward answers to the hard issues and questions teens struggle with.


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